HIA is a small student exchange organization based in Vigo, Spain, since 1989. Our staff is formed by current profesional educators who have been teaching in colleges and secondary schools in our area and the USA for a numbre of years. Our programs are run in a very exclusive way, since we deal with very small groups, both inbound and outbound the USA, so as to keep a close and direct relation with our students and families.

Our philosophy is based on the personal contact with students, parents and volunteer host families. We consider that dealing with large number of students directly affects the quality of the programs, and our small groups do allow us to provide supervision to students and group chaperones at all times.

Since 1989 we have sent spanish students to the USA in different programs including summer immersion programs, summer programs in boarding schools and summer camps, as well as academic years in schools in New England.

We have been running a small summer program in Spain for American students for over ten years now. Our results have been very successful, due to the personal touch we give to our program. It consists of a 3 1/2 week homestay with carefully screened host families and Spanish lessons given by highly qualified teachers; there are several activities offered in the afternoon. It also includes a four day trip to Madrid and Segovia.

Our offer includes tailored programs for groups and individuals. We also run an academic year or a semester program attending private schools in the area and staying with host families. This program is offered to a very reduced number of students.

HIA focuses primarily on the homestay experience, as it is an excellente way for participants to get a firsthand understanding of another culture. By becoming a member of a family in another country, participants are given the opportunity to share in meals, conversation, and the daily life and traditions of the country visited.

HIA organizes unique and exclusive academic year, semester, and short-term homestay programs for Americans in Spain. Only 25-30 American students participate in HIA programs each year. HIA welcomes participants of every race, nationality, creed and religion.