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    Here are the names of some of the students (and their parents) who have traveled and studied with us in recent years. We have listed their email addresses and if you need their phone numbers, please contact us.

    As you might have gathered, we are a small organization. That small size has allowed us to meet personally (or at a minimum spend long hours on the phone) with most of our students and their parents. What that all means is that we are careful about who joins us and want you to be careful about selecting us… it’s a two way street; a match that we search for. By talking to our alumni (and to us), we hope that you get an honest flavor of who we really are, what these programs actually do, and who are the types of students who join us each summer and help make the experience an exceptional one!

    Here’s an apt quote from Morgan (student). ‘I had a great time in Spain, and I cant wait to go back as soon as I can. Being completely immersed was an awesome experience and now I know I want to study abroad when I am in college. I am a lot more confident in my Spanish now and I definitely want to become fluent’.

    Another quote by Mary (student). ‘ I had the best summer of my life in Vigo. Not only did I learn a lot of Spanish but I also made wonderful friends. As for Vigo and its area, it is very safe and manageable. My teachers were great and outside of class I loved going to the beach and local cafes with my friends. I hope to return to Spain soon to enjoy the country and put my spanish ability to the test’.